Robert Lerner

Software Engineer

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Chicago's North and West Suburbs.
Milwaukee, WI
Eastern suburbs: Only on a pirate ship.

About Me

I'm a Full Stack Software Developer near Chicago interested in a career in senior-level development.


Professional & Personal Projects

Camera History Project

Camera History Project

Entire Website

Converignt iCare®

Enterprise Resource Management Suite

Illinois Benefits

Entire Website

RJM Remodeling

Develop Backend

Lincoln-Way High School

Calendar Script

GuitarTab Studio

Site & Tablature Player

Bob & Stephanie

Entire Site.

Body Education

Entire Site.

My Skills


PHP 5+



Server Administration





Professional Experience

Convergint Technologies

Web Developer II

— 2010-Current —

  • Maintain and Improve Existing Codebase
  • Deliver External Website
  • Human Resources / Careers Tracking
  • Customer Surveying and Response module
  • iPlan Scheduling and Dispatch Board
  • Request for Proposals Module
  • Endless Security and Usability enhancements

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Body Education

Web Contractor

— 2014 —

  • Developed Website
  • Developed Administration Panel

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RJM Remodeling

Web Contractor

— 2013 —

  • Developed Back-End of Website
  • Managed Front-End Contractor

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Illinois Benefits

College Internship

— 2010 —

  • Developed Front-End Website
  • Developed Contact-Us Mailer

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(Site has been changed since project completion.)


Well Written E-Hugs

During the winter of 2010, I had the pleasure have having Robert Lerner in two of my classes - Concepts of Web Design/CSS and Internet Concepts/CIW Certification Preparation. Robert did an exceptional job in both courses.

Robert was always the first student to volunteer when asked to present to the class or to take on an additional assignment. He always shared his enthusiasm for the course content with other students and was eager to help them whenever they didn't understand a concept or just needed someone else to critique their work. Robert never hesitated to share his own experiences and opinions which helped other students to feel comfortable speaking in class.

I would highly recommend Robert. He is energetic, dependable (he never missed a day of class) and someone that works well with others.

CIOS Professor

Robert is an outstanding student in my CIS122 class. In order to bridge the gap from the dated textbook to today, I have the students post articles for each chapter, that are relevant to the material we discussed during class. Robert has always been a frequent class participant to offer more in-depth contribution of the discussed content. His contributions usually cause more discussion, which I sincerely appreciate.

Recently we discussed PC & Internet Security. Robert provided an article he had written about web-application security. Very good work on the article & thought provoking for any PHP web designer. He presented his article & other key Internet security advise in an ad-hoc 10 minute presentation. The class asked him a lot of questions & he really showed he knew his material by the depth of his responses. Not many students are willing to get in front of 25 student to present anything unless there was some sizable credit to compensate their fear factor. Robert did really well.

We also teach QBASIC for a basic programming perspective. Robert continues to "go all out" to meet the assignment, but also have some fun with layout & colored backgrounds. He doesn't seem to be a "do the bare minimum" student & I'd recommend you give him an opportunity to be of service to your customers to meet their programming business requirements.

Adam Root, CIOS Professor

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