Ever get annoyed by people typing "I KNOW YOU SEEN THIS" or "YOU TYPE TOO SLOW". Here's a really simple way to make it so they have no idea if you seen their post, or if you're typing.

Download AdBlock Plus

Firefox | Opera | IE | Safari | Chrome*

If you're using a browser to surf the internet (and you are, right now), then there's almost no reason not to use AdBlock Plus. It's a pretty amazing add-on, but I'm not going into details about it. Just know you'll need it to complete this tutorial.

* - I would have linked to the Chrome page, but Google is too interested in forcing you to download their browser, so this lame link is all I could do for now.

Adding a filter

The instructions here are for Firefox, others should be fairly similar.

Using Ad Block Plus to Hide

Add the following URLs to the adblock page by clicking the 'Add Filter' button in the top-right, and pasting each one in the box that appears:


The first two hide both the SSL and non-SSL '___ is typing...' notification from other people, the last two hide the 'Seen @ 4:10 AM' notice.

Should look like this:

Using Ad Block Plus to Hide

I only have the SSL versions because I have the HTTPS Everywhere addon (Firefox and Chrome only). So HTTP isn't really needed for me.

You will still be able to view when other people are typing / seen your replies -- unless of course they have seen this tutorial!


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